Lugar de Cruz da Mata

3530-114 Mangualde

Viseu - Portugal

Telephone: 232 619 560 (call to the national fixed network)

Fax:          232 612 722 (call to the national fixed network)


Cruz da Mata Hotel, is located next to the output node of the A25, on EN 234 which connects Nelas to Mangualde

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GPS Coordinates

Latitude: 40.605474     Longitude: -7.7754

The Region.

Mangualde is located in the Central Region of Portugal Mainland far away from the district headquarters, Viseu, approximately 17 km.


The municipality of Mangualde, inserted in the vast plateau of Beira Alta, is bounded by the rivers D�o and Mondego north and south respectively. The slopes of these valleys, are fertile alluvial lands.

A chain of small mountains runs through its birth from the east - Lady of Good Success (Senhora do Bom sucesso) extending to the Lady of Tears (Senhora do Pranto).


From the geographic point of view, this region is part of a group called Ancient Massif. Has since been subject to a long process of erosion and flattening suffering later a rejuvenation with the Alpine movements.

The whole area is granitic, and its current forms result from the erosive action of its hydrographic network.

The climate is Mediterranean with continental feature, with cold winters and hot dry summers.


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In modern times, Mangualde is an important and historic entrepot of the tissues produced in the factories of Covilha, Seia and Gouveia. Beira Alta railway took these lands to Europe. Now A25 redoubled the movement and shortens the distance.

Now related industries like metallurgy, textiles, wood and stone are blooming.

Mangualde became city in 1986 and again receives an incentive to improve the standard of living of its inhabitants and the enrichment of the cultural patterns.

With people likable and friendly, good cuisine, is full of points of interest.


Places of Interest

Anta da Cunha Baixa (Low wedge tapir)

Situated in the Parish of Cunha Baixa 5 km away from the city of Mangualde.

To visit follow the exit in the direction of Mangualde Gouveia, turn toward Cunha Baixa and finally turn right in the direction of Espinho.

Misericordia Church of Mangualde

Situated in the center of Mangualde.

Rua Col�gio - Largo da Miseric�rdia - Mangualde.

Monastery of Santa Maria de Maceira D�o

Situated in the Parish of Fornos de Maceira D�o.

To visit, take the EN 16 in the direction of Viseu, turn left onto Fornos de Maceira D�o.


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